Well guys, you know me. I have a Netflix addiction and I can never watch “just one” episode of a show, To binge or not to binge, that is always the question. The answer is always to binge watch! It is just not in me to go slow. I am an or or nothing kinda girl haha. 

(WARNING: strong language used in the trailer)

As always, when this show came up on my recommended list as a new show I was very much on the fence about spending my time watching it. I don’t know why it is but even if a show is totally awful I still end up watching it until the end (mostly) just because I have that voice in my head saying “it has to get better”. I read a few reviews, which were very hit and miss. Again I have no idea why i spend my time reading the reviews because I never pay attention to them. I feel like I just like to see how other people write reviews. There is always a mix of styles and I feel like they are just fun to read. 

Anyway, back to Girlboss. I will start off by saying that  this is an adult show, however if you are not a fan of curse words this will not be your cup of tea. Personally, I don’t mind them as long as they are not over-used and I feel like Girlboss is just about okay on that front for me. 

Girlboss is loosely based on the autobiography of Sophia Amoruso, who coined the term Girlboss. It follows the ups and downs of a 23 year old called Sophia Marlowe(Britt Robertson), who is a bit lost.She starts of work in a shop, however she has the kind of attitude you would hate from an employee. She is rude, lazy, does what the hell she wants, including eating her boss’s lunch, turning up late and ignoring customers. It comes as no surprise that she gets fired from her job and she has to asses what she wants to do next. She buys a vintage leather jacket from a thrift shop for $9 and sells it for $600 and comes up with the idea to open an Ebay store and sell vintage clothes online. 

Sophia’s best friend Annie (Ellie Reed) seems to be the only person she is close to as her mother left when she was younger and she has a strained relationship with her father. Throughout the first season she has a love interest called Shane(Johnny Simmons), who lives with Dax (Alphonso McAuley) , who also happens to be Annie’s boyfriend.

Now if you are looking for likeable heroine, who goes from rags to riches in a typical cliché style then this is not the show for you, however if you are looking for a kick ass main character with substance, attitude and someone you love to hate, hate to love and secretly route for then this is a show you do not want to miss. 

This ain’t no sugar coated fairytale and I love it. It is a raw, laugh out loud funny, gut wrenchingly sad, hit your head against a wall frustrating, emotional roller coaster of a show in just 13 episodes and I would sit and binge watch it all over again.

Robertson plays the role so well. It fits her like a glove and the chemistry between all the main characters seems real. I have never seen somebody play a character that you want to slap but also route for her to succeed at the same time.  I don’t want to give too much away so I will leave it there but if you are looking for something a bit different then I recommend Girlboss.

This is a one of a kind show that I can honestly say I love so Girlboss gets a 5 out of from from this Misfit.



I would love to hear your guys’ thoughts in the show if you have watched it. 

Let me know if you have any shows, films, etc that you would recommend. Just leave them in the comments below I am up for any suggestions.

Thank you to all of you who read my reviews and my blog and I will see ya’ll again soon.

As always, remember, Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You!






Netflix originals seem to be popping up left, right and centre and I AM LOVING IT!!

The newest show I have come across is Expanse. A Sci-fi, fantasy series set hundreds of years in the future. (Yes I am a geek).

Again with this series I have to mention the team behind the scenes, the unspoken heroes of films and television. All the ingredients, mixed together in the right way like a perfect sponge cake. The Special effects, the way it is directed, the selection of the actors to play each character all mesh well together to make Expanse one of THE top shows to watch in my humble opinion.

The shows is actually based on a series of novels by James S. A. Corey. I haven’t read the books but I have definitely added this to my ever growing list of books I want to read. 2017 is going to be a busy bookish year.

In the future Mars has been colonised and the Martians (who actually look human..which is confusing) have an uneasy peace treaty  with Earth. Stuck in between, living in poverty, are “The Belters” that live on  the asteroid belt of Ceres.

There are three main characters. Detective Miller(Thomas Jane), a born and bred belter is employed by a security service which acts as type of police force on the belt. Miller is given a case of a missing wealthy “Earther”  called Julie Mao (Florence Faivre)by his captain and told it is an off-the-book assignment, which straight away triggered my suspicious mind. Chrisjen (Shohreh Aghdashloo), a United Nations executive is called in to try and keep the peace between Earth and Mars when ships start getting blown up by an unknown third part that seem to have high quality stealth teach. To keep things simple I call the “The Unknowns” for now.

Then there is James Holden (Steven Strait), an officer on an Ice trawler called The Canterbury. The Canterbury receives a distress call from an abandoned ship so James takes a small team of four out to try and search for the survivor. When the board the ship they realise it was a trap and scramble to get off the vessel, however they are too late, The Canterbury is blown up and they are left to fend for themselves. His team is made up of four totally different personalities, which makes it even more interesting to watch. They all seem to have their own secrets that unfold as the episodes progress.


The team no nothing about each other really, although there is some connection between Naomi and Amos  that is never fully explained.

We have:

Alex (Cas Anvar)- the pilot. A laid back character

Naomi (Dominique Tipper)- The engineer. She is probably the more level headed person in the group and grounds them when they need it.

Amos (Wes Chatham)- The mechanic. Now he is very intersting. A wild card. He is loyal to Naomi and only seems to listen to her.


Shed (Paulo Costanzo)- The medic. A young man with a very nervous disposition. Doesn’t handle difficult situations well.

If that wasn’t enough for you .. We get to see Jared Harris playing Anderson Dawes, leader of a rebel group called OPA

I won’t say anymore because I feel that it will give too much away but I cannot recommend this enough.

The only thing I don’t really like is the accent of The Belters.. I can’t say why…I can’t put my finger on it…. it is just a very strange accent. But that is a TINY criticism in an otherwise amazing creation.

You may have guessed.. This show gets a 5 out of 5.


Roll on season 2….out in February 2017.



I binged watched this over three evenings.. I couldn’t stop watching it

Let me know what you think




SHOW REVIEW:  Game of Thrones 

Okay so I know I am a bit behind with this but What the hell..

I started watching Game of Thrones when it first came out but then I stopped and started watching other things. Before I knew it Season 6 had begun and I hadn’t even finished Season 1. I started watching it again from the beginning and wondered why I ever stopped Watching it.

Games of Thrones is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R Martin


It is a series of epic fantasy Novels, the first of which is is called Game of Thrones. Now I have a confession to make…. I have not read the books, however they are going on my to ever growing reading list.

Set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, it has several plot lines and a large cast of characters. The first story  follows a conflict among competing claimants for succession to the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, with other noble families fighting for independence from the throne. There are lots of intertwining stories and secrets that revel themselves throughout the Seasons and it always keeps you guessing.


This is not the type of show you put on in the background and listen to whilst you go about your business, you really do have to pay attention otherwise you will lose the plot…literally. It is action packed from the beginning and it doesn’t slow down! There are too many characters to name and if I am honest I do still get a bit confused about who is who, who are allies and who are enemies, who’s good and who’s bad but that is what I love about Game of Thrones. Even when you dislike a character something happens and it makes you feel sorry for them (sometimes). It definitely is not predictable so if you do not like surprises this is not for you.If you do not like sex, blood, fighting etc , again, this is not for you!

The actors who play the characters play them so well. You see the younger characters like Arya and Sansa grow in to strong women. Arya is my favourite character and has been from the start. Always a bit of a tom boy, fierce, speaks her mind and doesn’t back down from a fight. I still cannot tell whether Varys is good or bad but I like that it keeps me interested.

I also want to take a second to mention the directing of the show and the production. The special effects are brilliant! The amount of time and effort it must take to produce one episode.. it amazes me! So much talent. I definitely could never do it. I feel like the production teams behind films and shows like this don’t get enough credit for the work they do.

I would definitely give Game of Thrones a 5 out of 5

woody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker good


So what do you guys think?

Have you watched it ? if not why have you chosen not to?

What do you like/dislike about it if you have watched it?

Who is your favourite character?

Who do you love to hate?

Share your thoughts I am eager to know what other people think






REVIEW: Black Mirror

I started watching Black Mirror not really knowing what to expect as I had never even heard of it before, but I can tell you now it is not for the feint hearted. It is not your typical Netflix show. Each episode has a different cast, they do not follow on from one another.

this is definitely not something I would normally pick but it once I started watching it I was very intrigued and had to watch the other episodes.

Black Mirror is a British Television anthology series created by Charlie Brooker . It is speculative fiction that examines today’s society with regards to the technology we use and the consequences of new technologies. It is very dark and at times i did find myself cringing at the thought of some of the concepts. I also realised that it is possible, given the advancement in technology so far that we are probably not far off these kinds of things happening, which is pretty scary but also very interesting. Maybe it is me and my paranoid brain but I definitely feel like these situations that arise in each episode could happen in the future!


I am not going to go in to detail about every episode as that would take forever and I feel like you need to watch them yourself to really get a feel for the lessons I think the creator is trying to teach us but I will briefly tell you about a few that stood out for me.

The first episode in Season 1 definitely hits you hard. Do you know when you watch a horror film and you don’t want to watch it but you look through your fingers and see it all anyway?? Well I found myself turning away from the screen at one point but still looking out of the corner of my eye. It wasn’t scary, just not something you would ever really want to see happen in real life. The thought of it makes me cringe. This episode is about a princess that is kidnapped and the Prime Minister has to fulfill a certain task by 4pm, live in front of the nation or the princess would be killed.


Season 1 episode 3 is one i actually really enjoyed watching. In the near future everyone has access to a memory implant, which records everything a person sees, hears and does. It shows the benefits and the pitfalls of having such technology and how it could potentially affect lives. I actually think that this is something I would want.. I may sound weird but even though it can cause conflict ( as you see in the episode) I think it could also help if used properly.


Season 3 episode 1. Now this episode is interesting. It is about a society where you rise or fall as a direct result of the ratings people give you on how you act or what you upload on to your social media account. Now I know that this is hugely exaggerated, however I do feel that people these definitely rate themselves based on how many likes their photos get or how many friends they have on social media. I also believe that people act a certain way in order to gain likes and accolades off people they don’t no rather than appreciating the people they have that are close to them and actually care about them and know them as people.


This episode really made me think about social media today and how I definitely see things similar to this on a daily basis. Some people are that desperate for likes and comments that they post ridiculous things just or attention and go to great lengths to be noticed.


Although some of the episodes do make you think. Some of them are also quite cringey and a bit weird for my taste. I understand what the creator was trying to do but I think some of it was a bit far fetched,

Overall Black Mirror gets a 3 out of 5.

woody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker good


Yay or nay on Black Mirror?

What are your thoughts on this random creation?



REVIEW:Scream Netflix Original Series

If you have read any of my other posts, by now you will be well aware that the majority of what I watch is no Netflix so this will be of no surprise to you that I am reviewing another Netflix show.

Now I have been watching films and shows on Netflix for a good few years now, both original and taken from TV, however this was one show that I just could not get in to.

I have a very vivid imagination and I am one of those people who likes to watch horror films through their fingers, who screams at every little thing, will very rarely watch them alone and always thinks that I will be safe when i go to bed if I wrap myself tight under my covers (yes .. I know what you’re thinking haha).

Slasher films tend to follow a basic structure that is set around three components, A serial Killer, A group of people, ( most of whom end up being Murder victims) and the Survivor.It is a given that the majority of the main cast will be killed off leaving one or 2 survivors. Sex, blood, chase scenes, fights,lots of screaming and murder,  all nicely packed in to a film of around 90 minutes with a neat ending.

That was until someone decided that it would be a great idea to create a show based on the original Scream films that would be spread over 10, 40 minute episodes.. Why??? I have no idea.

scream  The New Scream (Ghostface)


The story is Centred around Emma and her group of friends who are trying to deal with the murder of their best friend. When Emma became popular she distanced herself from former best friend and bicurious film nerd Aubrey who has recently had a video uploaded to YouTube of her kissing another girl. Emma struggles with the guilt she has in being a part of that and tries to make amends with her former friend, whilst also dealing with the secrets that surface about her family.

The first episode was just okay for me. You were introduced to the main characters and is obvious that there are lots of secrets and lies and a possible link to a serial killer from the past.

I will be honest.. I was only about to watch 4 episodes before I got completely bored of the whole thing. Cheap jump scares, predictable storyline and the main character is as bland as a beige wall and as interesting as watching paint dry.

Netflix has generally produced good shows and films but on this occasion it was a serious let down.

This was a 1 out of 5 for me.

woodywoodpecker bad


As always guys I would love to hear what you think..

Who has seen it?

Do you agree or disagree with my comments?

Any suggestions on what i should watch next?

Happy to accept all suggestions.



Stranger and Strangerer…..


You will probably be able to tell from my previous reviews that I am no professional film critic.. i don’t feel the need to use long complicated words and sentences in order to explain what i think about a film. I am just an average Yorkshire lass who enjoys sharing my thoughts on things I watch. So if you are looking to read some deep and meaningful upper-class critique of a film then I do apologies in advance.

Another Netflix Original popped up as I was browsing for my series or film to watch. I never really now whether I should watch a Netflix Original as they are very hit and miss. I will never understand how they can go from releasing such a great hit to then releasing utter garbage on a stick.

I had heard a few reviews before I decided to watch it and they had all been great but I have never been a huge Sci-Fi buff and I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it.

I am going to be honest here.. I haven’t seen anything with Winona Ryder in (that I can remember), therefore I can only share what I thought of her acting in this particular Series and I have to say she played the role so well. One thing I hate seeing when i watch anything is overacting. People assume that acting is easy but there is a fine line between acting a scene well and making the audience believe you and  being so bad you end up making the audience cringe. Winona Ryder played Will’s mother with just the right amount of emotion. I really believed that Will was her son and she was absolutely devastated that she thought she had lost him. It hit me right in the feels guys..

Now lets talk about the children, the Stars of the show. I know children have taken on big roles before but these kids just blew me away.

Just to give you a brief overview. The series is set in the eighties in the fictional town of hawkins, Indiana and is centered around a group of  four friends , Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard)  Lucas (Caleb Mclaughlin), and Will (Noah Schnapp).  On the way home from a Dungeon’s and Dragon’s session with his friends Will vanishes. When his friends go looking for him they come across a scared girl who calls herself Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). As they search for their friend they enlist the help of Eleven who has telekinetic powers. After Joyce Byers(Ryder) notifies the police that her son is missing the sheriff of the town, the troubled Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) begins a search to look for Will.

As Joyce is unable to hold things together her son Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) tries to find out what has happened to his brother with the help of Mike’s older sister Nancy (Natalie Dyer).

I won’t say anymore about the plot as I don’t want to ruin the experience for those who have yet to watch it. All I will say is that the chemistry between the characters is 100% believable. Each character holds their own but doesn’t overshadow the rest of the cast. The ending is not what I expected and it leaves you with so many questions but in a good way not an annoying way.

I think it was well written, well directed and the CGI isnt’ half bad either. The duffer brothers deserve two massive thumbs up for this creation in my eyes.

Even if you are not a Sci-Fi buff and you are one of the few people who have not seen this yet I would recommend that you take a few hours out and watch Stranger Things. Netflix has commissions Season 2 and I just cannot wait to see what happens next.

Let me know what you guys think!! Would be nice to see other people’s perspectives.

I give Stranger Things a 5 out of 5 (would give more if i could)

woody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker good


Sherlock – no doubt a Genius….but what else???


I love crime dramas, the puzzles,  the mystery,  the chemistry between characters ( if played well). The only things is,
These dramas i love so much and could binge watch over and over again are an US crime dramas,  such as CSI ( yes all of them) , NCIS, Law and Order,  Unforgettable, Dexter,  Castle, In Plain Sight.. Etc. On the other hand..  I have never been a fan of the good old British crime dramas.  I find the over here the kind of crime dramas i have seen are filled with actors who have poor accents,  or are extremely poorly acted or both and they lack the urgency of the US dramas.

I must say that i had made every attempt possible to avoid Sherlock until my friend recommended it.  I am a fan of The original Sherlock Holmes and I have always been skeptical about watching any adaptations of it including the films, however my friend recommended it so I thought I would watch the first episode and see whether it was worth continuing…

Well.. it definitely was not a slow starter. The introduction of Watson to Sherlock was in the first episode and it was just what I had expected from Sherlock Holmes.Benedict Cumberbatch plays the character perfectly and the chemistry between Sherlock and Watson (played by Martin Freeman) is just amazing,

Sherlock says what he thinks without any regard for peoples feelings, it’s like he can’t help himself. He thinks he is more intelligent that everyone in the room and his powers of deduction are spectacular, however his understanding..or lack there of… of human emotions leaves him with very few friends and he tends to rub people up the wrong way. I had never seen Cumberbatch in anything prior to watching Sherlock but this has made me want to watch more of his work.

Throughout the episodes people do indicate that they think he could be committing the crimes just so he can solve them and save the day, which is understandable in some ways as he seems to go a bit manic when he doesn’t have a case to solve and seems to really enjoy the gritty murders. Sherlock refers to himself as a high functioning sociopath and to look at it at face value I would be Inclined to agree, however I feel the character portrays more of the classic signs of Asperger’s Syndrome. He is a very complex character and a joy to watch

Now Jim Moriarty (played by Andrew Scott ) is a person I would love to actually be able to study. Andrew definitely plays the Psychopath type of character very well. He made me laugh out loud with some of his lines but he certainly had the crazy bit down too. He is extremely narcissistic, he has sadistic tendencies, probably has some other kind of personality disorder and is clearly evil…. but I cannot help but love the character. He is like Sherlock in so many ways, they are both extremely Intelligent,  however he has been alone all his life unlike Sherlock.. Is that the small difference that keeps Sherlock on the side of good?? that he has people close to him? It was great to watch them bounce off each other.. try to outsmart each other.

I have to say that I am so glad I decided to watch this and I hope that there are more mysteries for him to solve.

I give Sherlock a 5 (would give it more if I could)

woody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker good