An Afterword on the #RoundReads Debut


Whatever Words


It’s probably fair to say that if there’s one primary theme upon which I’ve “marketed” Whatever Words, it is my love of books. Truly, my appetite for them is insatiable.

That being the case; it is perhaps ironic, then, that when turning to the task of typing a brief write up of Roundtable Readers‘ debut Twitter chat – which took place last night (#RoundReads) – other than the oft-repeated, bare (logistical) bones, I simply cannot find the words.*

It’s not that I can’t find the words to describe the experience: I could easily quote the Beach Boys, after all. Rather, I have neither at my fingertips, nor on the tip of my tongue, any combination of letters to accurately express the emotional experience of seeing the conversation in action.

love talking about books, and it seems there is definitely a number of likeminded people out…

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