BOOK REVIEW: Holiday Heartwarmers

Title:  Holiday Heartwarmers


Authors:  C.L. Cannon

Sunanda J. Chatterjee 

Taki Drake,

Shannon Youngblood 

M.M. Chabot

Tim Walker

 Cherime MacFarlane

 D.H. Gibbs

Christine Jayne Vann

 J. Naomi Ay

 Joanie Pariera

Neha Gupta 

Number of Pages:  384 Pages

***Disclaimer: This ebook was sent to my by Quill and Ink Tours in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own***

Immerse yourself in this eclectic collection of short stories featuring authors from around the world. Travel to different places with them as they enjoy an unexpected journey back home to reunite with family and take a chartered flight to the North Pole. Shiver with the cold and anxiety as their loved ones get stranded in a snow storm in Alaska or share the amazement of gazing at the spectacular views during a hike to Machu Picchu. Explore the Indian subcontinent by train, share an unforgettable vacation in Cyprus or venture into Afghanistan in the midst of war.

Holidays are a time of sharing and can take many forms. These stories explore the issues of family dynamics, reflections on life, and finding the true meaning of love and acceptance. They also show that sometimes, it is just as important to let go of old feelings and old memories.

This collection of short stories is sure to warm your heart and light the spirit of Christmas.

Happy Holidays! 


So let’s set the scene. I am in my comfy clothes at home scrolling through the hundreds ( yes hundreds) of Kindle books I have and I decide to read Holiday Heartwarmers as I am not in the mood for anything too intense or dark. I curl up in bed with a hot cup of tea and settle in to my book. By the end I have a warm fuzzy feeling and I just feel very calm.

If you are looking for a book with very little action and you just want an easy read this is the book for you. The stories are sweet and definitely get you in to the holiday mood.

I stepped out of my comfort zone reading this and I am glad I did but this kind of book just isn’t for me. This is nothing against the authors this is just my personal preference. I prefer to be able sink my teeth in to a story and get to know the characters in depth, which you can’t do in this book.

Sorry that this isn’t a long review.. As the stories are so short i don’t want to go in to any detail and spoil them for you.

I did enjoy the stories. They were well written and each story was interesting for different reasons so if you like a nice easy chilled read I would recommend this.

Holiday Heartwarmers.. I give you a luke warm 3 out of 5



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Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You 

Peace and Love 




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