MUSIC: Sucker For Pain and Twenty one Pilots

I love so many different genres of music. For me its how the music makes me feel and this song is one I just love to listen to when I am in one of those moods where I just want to jam.

I can’t help but pull that “grime” face and get all dramatic with the arm movements you know what I mean ???

Sucker For Pain is part of The suicide Squad soundtrack.

Another song that is part of the soundtrack and that I Just cannot get enough of is Twenty One Pilots. These guys are just genius and I recommend you check out their other songs if you don’t know who they are. They are so creative and when you listen to their lyrics they are so relatable.

They never used to be “mainstream” and some of their older stuff is some of the best music I have heard I cannot recommend the enough. I cannot pin them down to one particular genre but that is what I love about them.



One thought on “MUSIC: Sucker For Pain and Twenty one Pilots

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