Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Around The World

check out the collab with allthatjazmin 🙂 was great to read about what other traditions people have at Christmas

All That Jazmin


I have lots of family and friends who live around the world and, personally, I find it rather interesting and exciting to see how different countries celebrate Christmas. Here in the UK, we’re all pretty familiar with the opening of presents before stuffing a lovely Christmas dinner in the shape of a Sunday roast, telling a few jokes from crackers and flopping out in front of the TV for Christmas specials, but what do other countries do to celebrate this festive time of year? I spoke to some friends and family to find out what they do for their Christmas traditions.


My friend, Line, was kind enough to tell me about her Christmas traditions…

Line Follow Line over on Twitter

“In Denmark, we open gifts on the 24th December. We eat things like duck and roast pork. After dinner, we have a lot of candy and walk around the Christmas tree…

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