REVIEW: Before We Go



Chris Evans (Captain America) makes his directorial debut in this witty, light hearted story about a free spirited musician who meets a young woman on Grand Central station after she has had her purse stolen and missed her train ( Played by Alice Eve).

Nick (Evans) is playing his trumpet busking in Grand Central station when Brooke (Eve) runs past him trying to race to catch the last train. She drops her phone in the rush and Nick returns the phone to her (broken). He sees that she is in need of help and offers to try help her get back home.


This isn’t fast paced film but it definitely was an interesting one. The chemistry between the two characters was very believable and I really enjoyed watching the banter that went on between them.

Throughout the night they each divulge very personal things about themselves and their pasts as Nick tries to help Brooke get back to Boston and back to her husband. There are ups and downs and lots of strong emotions from both sides. I like the fact that the ending was left open.


It was very well acted and directed. No fancy special effects, no big chase scenes just a nice film that was very easy to watch but was also engaging. It is very cheesy and you may find it pretty predictable but that is what I personally like about romantic films.  It was nice to see Chris Evans in a different role as I have only seen him as Captain America.

This gets a 4 out of 5 from me ..

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I would like to hear your thoughts on this…

What did you think of the film?

Do you think Chris did a good job directing?

What would you recommend to watch next?




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