Time to review September….



Soooooooo my first month back in the world of blogging and reviewing has been an eventful one..

A few random thoughts…

To binge or not to binge… That is the question???? :/ 

The seasons are a changing people….

A few reviews…

Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List… rising star? or child star flop?

Stranger and Strangerer…..

Barry Marvelous Nail Fanatic..When does it become an obsession… 🙂

and more… sent in to the blogosphere for all to see..

This has also been an eventful month on a personal level. As well as starting up my blog and reviews again I have also started going back to rock choir, started back at the gym and I am getting back in to read (reviews to come).  Finally getting off my butt and doing something productive with my spare time. Actually paying attention to things I watch, listen to and read, taking it instead of just letting it pass me by.

All in all i have had a lot of fun being back. It is so easy to forget to take time out to just relax, have fun and enjoy the little things. Whether people think I am good at it or not I do enjoy writing.


What did September hold for you?

What were your highlights?





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