REVIEW:The Tales of Beedle The Bard..

In Short: Written by J.K Rowling The Tales of Beedle the Bard is a collection of five fairy tales. Each tale has a different magical being that will take you in a mini adventure but the one of the great things about each tale is that the all have a different lesson to learn. (For muggles and Wizards alike).

Longer Version: 

The Wizard and the Hopping Pot


The tale is very short but the morale of the story is abundantly clear. A muggle- loving Wizard, who spends his life helping his community, healing ailments and illnesses using potions he mixes in his magical pot. He passes away and leaves the pot to his very ungrateful son.

I won’t spoil it but it is quite a funny read although I did feel this was a bit short.

The Fountain of Fair Fortune


The Fountain of Fair Fortune is guarded by strong magic in an enchanted Garden  behind tall walls, on top of a hill that only allows access to bathe in its waters once a year to one person who can fight their way to it. This tale is about three witches Asha, Altheda and Amanta, who are among the hundreds of people who are trying to receive this gift of Fair Fortune. Each has their own tale of woe and are hoping the fountain can relieve them of their problems.

The three witches agree to help each other and when the sun rises a crack appears in the wall. As the three witches struggle to get through before it closes Amata accidentally drags through a Knight (kind of).

On their journey up the hill to the fountain they come across a series of obstacles in the form of riddles in order to reach the top.

This story had a bit more substance to it. I have to say this was probably my favourite tale of the five.

The Warlock’s Hairy Heart


A young wealthy, attractive warlock, who had vowed never to fall in love summoned the Dark Arts to help him achieve this. HE did so because he had seen the changes in his friends and felt that they had become weak and had lost their dignity in the process.

After many years alone, he over head his servants making fun of the fact he had grown old alone so he set out to find the most beautiful, wealthy, magically talented woman to take as his wife. A woman that men would envy, who would be able to bare children with outstanding abilities. The very next day the perfect woman arrived, however the Warlock felt nothing for her despite her being everything he had set out to find.

At a feast thrown to celebrate the new couple the young woman tells the warlock that she feels he has no heart. He leads her away from the party and decides to share his secret with her……

Now this tale is not for the feint-hearted , it is actually quite dark. Not your typical happy ending as in the first two so be prepared.

I feel the moral of this story is quite striking. It definitely does make you think.

Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump


The tale of Babbity is a light-hearted funny tale of a foolish King who was duped by a charlatan in to believing that he could perform magic. The king felt that he should be the most powerful person and the only one allowed to preform magic so he sent out a brigade Witch Hunters. The king employed the charlatan (who had no magical abilities) as his magic instructor in exchange for gold and jewels. Unbeknownst to the charlatan he was being watched by a little old washer woman called Babbity.

one day when the king was practising he over heard Babbity laughing at his efforts. In his frustration he  orders the charlatan to assist him the following day in a magic show he wanted to put on for the Kingdom. The charlatan was stuck between a rock and a hard place at this point, knowing that he had not magical abilities. He was told by the king that if he did not attend the witch hunters would be sent after him with their hounds and if the anybody was to laugh at him he have him beheaded.

The charlatan approached Babbity and noticed that she was not just an old washer woman but a witch. He threatened to out her if she did not help with the magic show the following day.

On the day of the magic show Babbity did as she agreed and assisted the King in completing his spells until there was one that she just couldn’t do….

For me, again this was quite a witty tale.  I think it is quite easy to think of situations in this day and age where the morale of this story could be applied (obviously without all the magic)

The Tale of The Three Brothers.


Who would have guessed it… this tale is about three brothers 🙂 travelling along a winding road.

On their travels they happened upon a river too dangerous to swim through. They used magic to create a bridge in order to cross, however death appeared on the bridge angry at the fact that they had cheated him out of three new souls.

Death offered them each a “gift” for being so clever as to evade his grasp. After each brother had claimed their gift they carried on on their travels. In time the brothers parted ways and set out on their own journeys..

Out of all the tales I think this one is probably the most recognisable simply because it has been written in so many different ways. The characters may change and the story maybe be in a different setting but the moral of the story is always the same. It never gets old.



I tried to include as much about the stories as possible so that you were able to get the gist of each one but without spoiling anything..hope I was successful..

I realised, when the book had been purchased for he that it was small but the tales are really quite short. I am still not sure whether that is a good thing. I think may be I would have preferred slightly longer stories with a bit more depth, getting to know the characters. I love that they were all fables but with a magical twist.

I did enjoy the added sections “Professor Dumbledore’s Notes”. I liked how he provided a summary of the tale and added his own opinions and provided a background and a bit of history to them.

The Tales of Beedle The bard was a very easy read, well written, and as always J.K. Rowling does have a way of bringing my imagination to life. I can see the characters and I can visualize the stories in my mind ( maybe that is just my weird mind).

It was an interesting read and I do enjoy a good Fantasy book, however I do think that i prefer longer stories where i can get to know the characters in more depth.

For me this was a 4.5 out of 5

woody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker good

woody woodpecker good



Let me know what you guys all think..

Did you enjoy reading it?

What was your favourite tale?

What do you thing the morale of they story was in each of the tales?

All comments welcome!

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