A Student again…..

For one reason or another my previous attempts at trying to gain a degree have failed..


I tried to study  Psychology from home whilst working full time but I didn’t really understand the amount of time it would take out of my life that I fell so far behind that I couldn’t catch up.

I then decided that I would try University studying Psychology with Counselling full time and working part time, however due to health issues that decided to rear their ugly head in year 2 I had to leave without completing my final year. I passed my second year with a respectable score and was able to receive my HND.


I decided to take a break and start working on myself, getting my life back on track and working through the demons that had crept up on my whilst I was too busy stressing about Uni.

Now i feel that I  am ready so I am returning to the Open University to study Law.


There will be a lot of…


Maybe a few… late nights…


but I am determined that this time around , now that everything is falling back in to place I can finally complete my studies and have a fulfilling career.

I will still be doing reviews and posting my random thoughts so please keep coming with all your suggestions on what things i should read, watch , listen to and test out and I will get around to them all as soon as i can 🙂






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