The seasons are a changing people….

Can you feel it?  That nip in the air.. The slight drop in temperature that makes you want to curl up in bed and wrap yourself tight in to a little cocoon to stay warm. This is the time you really know that Autumn is here.

Now us brits know that most of the time the weather is either just gloomy, rainy, windy and in no way fun to be outside in, or its really hot, that sticky heat that just makes you feel icky (I have no other words to describe that feeling). We don’t really have definitive seasons but I do like this time of year.


If you look around you will see the leaves changing colour and they look so pretty, Christmas cards are being stacked on the shelves in card shops, all the supermarkets are starting to clear shelves to stock Halloween products.  I am quite a cold person all year round anyway so I love this season. Not too cold that you feel frost bite will take one of your fingers if it isn’t tucked inside a nice warm glove..but Just cold enough. The air feels fresh and crisp. I love it.

Tis a sign that party season is upon us, Halloween , bonfire night, thanksgiving for the US, Christmas and New Year. All within the next three months.

Are you exited people?? I certainly am.



let me know what you think..

what is your favourite time of year?


What is the best thing about that time of year?

What is your favourite thing about the Autumn.winter Party season?




One thought on “The seasons are a changing people….

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